Novices – Singles

Played to EBF rules. Four wood’s, first to score 21, no limit on number of ends played.


First Round by 16th July
1Tony Wells9vJim Pryor23
2ByevGeoff Tinson
3ByevPeter Grammatica
4ByevDebbie Pryor
5ByevAlicia Fordham
6ByevDebbie Dullaghan
7ByevAndy McPherson
8ByevAdrian Fordham
Second Round by 29th July
9Jim Pryor21vGeoff Tinson9
10Peter Grammatica21vDebbie Pryor17
11Alicia Fordham21vDebbie Dullaghan10
12Andy McPherson24vAdrian Fordham18
Semi-Final by 5th August
13Jim Pryor21vPeter Grammatica11
14Alicia Fordham7vAndy McPherson21
Final Weds 10th August
16Jim Pryor21vAndy McPherson3
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