Mens 2 Woods

Played to EBF rules. First to score 21, no limit on number of ends played.


First Round (by Wed 15th June)
1Martin Fletcher17vMick Fisher21
2Bob Trickey9vJohn Kingsmill15
3Paul Christophi21vGeoff Tinson0
4Nick Carr22vDavid Booth12
5Peter White20vJohn Vaudin21
6Malcolm Cullingworth20vBrian Patman21
7Nolan Catterwell21vJim Pryor14
8Robin Freeman12vPeter Cox21
Second Round (by Fri 24th June)
9Martin Fletcher17vJohn Kingsmill21
10Paul Christophi14vNick Carr21
11John Vaudin16vBrian Patman21
12Nolan Catterwell21vPeter Cox14
Semi-Final (by Mon 27th June)
13John Kingsmill14vNick Carr21
14Brian Patman7vNolan Catterwell21
Final (Weds 3rd August)
15Nick Carr21vNolan Catterwell18
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