Langtoft 19

Players bowl in turn from opposite ends of the rink to a jack placed in the centre of the rink. A golf tee is used to mark the position of the jack. Mats at both ends must remain on the two metre mark for the duration of the game. Players alternate direction of play after each end.

Four wood’s. 19 ends, an extra end will be played if scores are level.

Shots scored on each end will be as per EBF rules.

Winner of a coin toss shall choose to either pick the direction to play he/she wishes to play first OR to play first. If choosing to play first their opponent will choose direction to play or if choosing direction their opponent may choose to play first or second.

If the jack is moved during play it is not re-positioned. If it is played off the rink or more than two metres from the centre of the rink, the end shall be replayed. To deter firing any playing forcing the jack beyond the two metre mark more than three times during the game will be disqualified and will forfeit the match.

14th May – 15th June 2022

Preliminary Round
1Phyll Long12vAnne White21
2Peter Cox1vJim Pryor30
First Round (by 21st May)
3Anne White17vPeter White12
4Martin Fletcher25vDebbie Pryor3
5David Booth17vNolan Catterwell27
6Angela Coxw/ovRobin Freeman
7Jim Pryor17vBob Trickey8
8Nick Carr21vJohn Vaudin20
9Mavis Vaudin21vPat Booth16
10Brian Patman4vPaul Christophi21
Second Round (by 1st June)
11Anne White15vMartin Fletcher17
12Nolan Catterwell11vAngela Cox16
13Jim Pryor23vNick Carr3
14Mavis Vaudin6vPaul Christophi22
Semi-Final (by 8th June)
15Angela Cox15vMartin Fletcher17
16Jim Pryor5vPaul Christophi19
Final (Weds 15th June)
17Martin Fletcher19vPaul Christophi18
Club chairman Nolan Catterwell presenting 2022 winner Martin Fletcher with the new Langtoft 19 trophy, which has been kindly donated by Sue Moir. Also in the picture is runner-up Paul Christophi.

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