Fixed Jack

Four wood’s. 11 ends in total (extra end/s if necessary), 6 ends jack set to maximum length, 5 ends jack set to minimum length. A golf tee is used to mark the point where the jack is placed at each end.

No trial ends.

Game starts bowling to a maximum length jack.

Mat is always set at 2 metres, it cannot be moved.

On each end, closest to jack scores 4 points, second closest 3 points, third closest 2 points, fourth closest 1 point. Player scoring the most points after 11 ends wins the game. If scores are equal after 11 ends play continues until one player has scored more points after each subsequent end.

Player who is closest to the jack starts next end regardless of points scored.

If the jack is moved during play it is reset on its mark before the next player bowls. If it cannot be reset on its mark it is placed in line and as close to its mark as possible closest to the end ditch.


First Round (By Sun 5th June)
1Goff Tinson54vMick Fisher 46
Second Round (By Wed 8th June)
2Geoff Tinson50vNick Carr 60
3Jim PryorvMavis Vaudinw/o
4Nolan Catterwell60vAlastair Fraser 50
5David Booth48vPat Booth 46
6Martin Fletcher55vBrian Patman 49
7John Vaudin49vTony Wells 58
8Bob Trickey45vRobin Freeman 36
9Paul Christophi57vJohn Kingsmill 53
Second Round (By Sun 12th June)
10Nick Carr58vMavis Vaudin42
11Nolan Catterwell56vDavid Booth30
12Martin Fletcher50vTony Wells54
13Bob Trickey23vPaul Christophi47
Semi- Final (By Wed 15th June)
14Nick Carr50vNolan Catterwell56
15Tony Wells33vPaul Christophi57
Final (Weds 20th July)
16Nolan Catterwell45vPaul Christophi56

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